Commencing from the date of film delivery, investors will benefit by receiving 100% of all profits until they have recouped 110% of their original capital contribution. Investors will be invited* to attend the Wrap Party as well as the Producers Private Screenings. Also, Investors are welcome to visit the set to observe the filming of the movie. You may also have the possibility of receiving an Executive Producer credit. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Let us know who is your target audience and how we can help. By producing a film there are many creative ways we can work with our sponsors.

* Product placement .
* Have your product in the film script.
* Be seen on all our social media.
* Add for your business or product in our social media.
* Business or product exposure in our live events.

Contact us and let us know if you have an idea of how we can help to make your business or product grow.

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